My ring from a broken engagement wasn’t doing anyone any good sitting in my jewelry box. I tried to sell it a couple times but had no success. When I heard about A Brilliant Exchange and what they were doing to fight for women’s freedom I knew I wanted to donate immediately.
— Erica S.
Donate your diamonds, but save your ring. I still wear my ring with cubic zirconia in it and no one is the wiser except me and my husband. I feel like it’s a win-win situation: I still have my beautiful engagement ring that holds sentimental value to me and the diamonds with real money value are going to a very worthy cause.
— Megan M.
There were dreams attached to the ring when my husband gave it to me. But it changes. It changes. That’s not necessarily bad, it just changes.
— Donna V.
I loved the idea of contributing what I have to help someone in need, and it made no difference to me whether the stone in my ring is a diamond or something else. Purchasing a diamond is an extravagance but donating my diamond gave it a wonderful purpose.
— Emily H.
The rings once brought me so much joy and then my life was shattered and I could barely look at them or the mark that is still left on my hand. Now when I look down and see the indention I can think that those rings were used to help save a life.
— Laura L.

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