Co-founders Brodie & Julie Theis

                                                                         Co-founders Brodie & Julie Theis

Our vision is that A Brilliant Exchange will be the largest initiative working to
end human trafficking, supply clean drinking water for every family, and provide care for all orphans.


Julie looked down at her engagement ring and thought
"I have a $2000 diamond on my finger while so many families don't have clean water".  
It was the start of what has become A Brilliant Exchange.

                                                                          The first batch of donated items.

                                                                          The first batch of donated items.


Over the years Julie talked with married women about replacing their engagement ring diamond,
and divorced women about donating their ring. 

It wasn't long before she realized this was bigger than a few donated diamonds.


In June of 2017 A Brilliant Exchange received approval as an officially recognized tax exempt organization.  

This means that all donors can claim a tax deduction based on the fair market value of their jewelry.  

In the end, many women receive the same amount in a tax refund that would be offered by a jeweler to buy the item.