Why Donna Donated Her Ring

When you first heard about A Brilliant Exchange, what were your initial thoughts?

The title just struck me, for one. After I found out what it was about, I thought, “What a great name.” And also, “Wow, that’s quite a sacrifice.” It inspired me to look up what the diamond means. It’s the hardest gem and considered one of the most valuable gems and it represents purity and innocence. It has the characteristics that A Brilliant Exchange is trying to support. I loved my ring. But I think the wedding band has become more important to me.”

Why is that?

I’ve had mine sized up a couple times. I think it would be very tight -- I could probably wear it on my little finger at the moment. So my engagement ring sat in a drawer. After hearing about A Brilliant Exchange, I feel like the ring has more of its intended purpose to support what the diamond represents, like purity and innocence.

So what inspired your gift?

I think what inspired it is my son and daughter-in-law’s commitment and belief in what A Brilliant Exchange is doing. And then knowing that I could contribute to something I believe in also. It’s a way I can actually have connections and know where it’s going. It was sitting in a drawer. But now it still has life.

Was that hard? Making the final decision to give your ring away?

You know, not as hard as I think it would have been early on, when I first got it. There were dreams attached when my future husband gave it to me. But it changes. It changes. That’s not necessarily bad, it just changes.

What changes, specifically?

What the ring represents, I think. It’s different. There was no need to hold on to that material part. As I’ve downsized in my life, it has made me look at what I have and think, “They’re just possessions.” And there’s more than possessions. My ring is something I can tangibly give to support children. I was a pediatric nurse and my husband was a pediatrician, so supporting children has been our life’s work.

What were you feeling after you donated?

My ring had new meaning. It was going to be used. And toward a cause that was in line with what a diamond should represent, like faithfulness to others.

What makes you hopeful and happy?

Children. They bring this innocence and purity. They just have a sparkle that’s good to be around. I like knowing there are children on the other end of this gift.

Julie Theis

A Brilliant Exchange, 6190 Tulane Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45212, United States

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